Friday, March 29, 2013


I am still trying to locate all the parts to get the bike going before I even attempt to restart it. On the one I bought, the pedals are in pretty bad shape, one is damaged, the other ones is almost completely gone.

After trying to find clues and roaming the various eBay sites around the world where the Bicizeta was sold (US, Germany, Italy, France...) to try to locate some similar. I think I found the original ones.

They should be from the Way (or Was) Assauto brand, and the model is the Stella Sport. White rounded rubber with yellow or orange Catalux branded reflectors. These stopped to be produced in 1971, so there are not too many around.

I just bought a pair from a guy in Italy, hopefully in a week or two, I should have those and will be able to compare.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spark Plug

Just a quick note to show you the two spark plugs I found in Germany. One of them will find its way on my Bicizeta soon, the other will be part of the parts inventory, just in case!

Send me pics of yours at

They are very short and I am eagerly waiting for the time I will be able to plug this baby on the engine..

Monday, March 11, 2013

You have a Zanetti C50?

If you have a Zanetti C50, I would like to know you and your bike - it was produced in such small quantities, it would be great to know where the bikes are today. Send me an email at with some details, the engine number and some pictures!

The ultimate goal is to create a registry of the bikes and a chronology of production

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tail light

The taillight on the Bicizeta is a model CEV 9312 - there is two version of this tail light (Fanalino Posteriore in Italian), one with a clear base and one with a black base. The base is soft plastic that molds to the fender to act as gasket. The version on the Bicizeta is the clear one. I found one in Italy NOS here it is broken down:

This one will find its place on the bike shortly

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sparking interest

The bike I found did not seem to start. The first thing to look at will be the spark plug. After looking in the Engine characteristics in the manual, I found that the spark plug is very specific to this engine, it is a Bosch WK 175T1 - there does not seem to be any cross references in other brands. 

As seen on the picture, it is unusual in its shape, very short! I found one in Germany and in the UK. Bought a one from Germany and am awaiting for this baby to come here so that I can put it on the bike and try yet again to start it.

The complete engine specifics for the Zanetti C50 engine translated from Italian:

Specifications Combustion engine with a 2-stroke cycle
Bore 38mm
Race 37mm
Displacement 41.96cmc
Cicle other
Compression ratio 7.64:1
Maximum effective at 5500 RPM at 1 HP 2
Counter-clockwise rotation
Fuel consumption 410 gr/Hph
Distribution Timing with cross lights
Ignition Magnetic flywheel alternator with fan
Internal High Voltage coil
Bosch spark plugs WK 175T1 or equivalent WK175T1
Ignition Timing: Fixed 16° to 20°
Clearance between the points  0.38-0.42

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bicizeta, the rare one!

I have a number of Solexes made in France which are popular mopeds with an engine sitting on the front fork and a roller getting the bike going. I had heard from the Bicizeta through a friend in the South or France who has one, but that was it.. until I saw one popping up on ebay right around the corner from me. So after a chat with the seller I purchased it for a very reasonable amount of money.

It is missing some parts and some are broken or torn and it will require work. The first bit missing is the tail light which I tracked and identified as an Italian CEV model 9312 with the beige rim (there is also a black version). I happily found one in Italy, New Old Stock (NOS) that I should receive soon. Right now it looks like that, not too pretty:

It should be this one:

Zanetti C50 - Engine Manual in Italian

Here it is for all to use, free and easy to download, the full 1967 Engine Manual with the list of parts:

Download it  for free Zanetti Motore C50/2 Z2